Project management is how strategies get accomplished. To improve how your organization executes plans — to foster a “project culture” — is a strategic investment that involves change.

Arbuckle Consulting Group helps you target the particular benefits you seek, then devises the practices that will get you there quickly.

We know that context is everything and our project management prescription must be customized to your particular situation in order to yield results.

Have a look at our services:

Project planning and initiation

Your organization’s strategies change all the time and therefore so must your roster of planned programs and projects. Your projects should be a true reflection of, and closely tied to, your strategies. Furthermore, every project should have a clear definition of success  . . . before you start.

Starting up a project is quite a bit more challenging than running it once it’s off to a good start. For critical or large projects, engage ACG to get your project off on the right foot. We’ll leave you with a roadmap to improved execution:

  • Initiation questionnaire, project chartering process and template
  • Project planning process and templates for scheduling, issues and risk management, cost tracking, and communications
  • Status reporting process and templates (including executive dashboard)
  • The work breakdown structure for the project — in a way that this knowledge is transferable and reusable
  • Collaboration site for status reporting, document management, collaboration, and more

These processes, templates, and knowledge transfer will benefit your future projects as well.

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Project execution, monitoring, and control

Bring us on at any point in a project’s lifecycle to help improve your return on the cost, produce the maximum benefit, and adhere to the schedule.

  • Ensure your use project management software is delivering enough benefits to the team
  • Take advantage of our just-in-time coaching on ways to manage scope, risks, and issues, as well as meetings
  • Improve how status is reported and intra- and inter-team communications occur
  • Contract us to create an action plan for a project that’s in trouble. We’ll help you get the stakeholders re-engaged, the risks re-assessed, and the scope, schedule, and budgets recommitted.

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Project close-out

Towards the end of a project everyone gets distracted by their next project as well as the urgency of final deliverables, but key to the close-out phase is leveraging the lessons learned. ACG can manage all or part of this phase for you or give you the tools to do it yourself.

  • We can conduct a stakeholder survey, organize the team to get through a close-out checklist, and facilitate the project close-out report so that lessons learned are shared effectively

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Project support

Are your project managers overburdened? For your larger projects, we can provide skilled coordinators who support your project managers by focusing on scheduling, managing meetings, or preparing presentations, for example. 
Contact us
to find a tailored solution for your project bottlenecks.

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Enterprise Project Management

Are you leveraging best practices in your projects? Are you improving rather than re-inventing processes? For an organization that relies primarily on projects to implement strategy, and that needs to make a rapid improvement, we can provide any or all of the following services:

  1. Project management maturity assessment and roadmap
  2. Project management office (PMO) design, set-up, knowledge transfer and/or support
  3. Project portfolio strategy, design, and/or management
  4. Project management methodology and tools, customized for your team, including a template for the work breakdown structure for each project type
  5. Communications and reporting techniques

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Training and lectures

We are comfortable interpreting the PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) for executives. We offer training, in the form of lectures, workshops, or casual meetings, on the following topics:

  • How improved project management practices enable your strategies
  • Why and how a Project Management Office can help your project succeed
  • Key issues during project start-up
  • How to plan a project so that benefits are realized within the budget and schedule.

ACG is also expert at virtual teaming and collaboration, so for an organization new at this we have many tips and tricks to convey. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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